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Why Hardwood Floors?

Long Lasting
Real wood floors are good for a home’s resale value and last the life of the home don’t depreciate. Carpet is replaced three to six times before most solid wood floors need repair. Wood floors cost less in the long term and add value to your home.

Diverse Range of Colors & Patterns
Unmatched in natural beauty, warmth and design appeal. Who doesn't enjoy the beauty of a fine wood floor? There is more diversity in wood floors now than ever before.

Wood is Easy to Maintain With Fewer Cleaning Chemicals
All you need is a swivel mop and sometimes a non-aerosol spray you can clean a wood floor in less than half the time it takes to vacuum, scrub or shampoo other floor coverings. Wood flooring doesn't trap dust and fumes in the fibers or grow mold in the grout, very important for allergies! Wood floors in your main living areas can improve air quality, according to the American Lung Association and cleaning a wood floor requires fewer chemicals than carpet or tile cleaning.

Wood Floors Absorb Shock
Doctors recommend wood floring for your spine and joints. Wood gives slightly, making it easier on your legs and feet.

Hardwood is Green!
Wood manufacturing is much cleaner than the manufacture of other building materials. Wood sends less solid waste to the landfill than manufacturing the same product in either steel or concrete. Because of it's superior insulating properties, wood is more energy-efficient. It takes 15 inches of concrete to equal the insulation qualities of just 1 inch of wood.


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